Frequently asked questions

Drinking water is on board. If you want anything else it is best to bring it yourself. Food is not included. Bring sun protection too. There is a cooler onboard which can be used for beverages.

Yes, given it’s legal. Too small will be returned and some species, such as grouper, are protected. Upon return it will be cleaned and bagged. All billfish and sharks will be tagged and released. Reef fish will be returned as well to preserve the reefs ecosystem.

Absolutely. We take our time to explain different techniques and it’s relatively easy to learn. And a novice angler has no bad habits to unlearn. We’ll make an angler out of you in the end.

One is over the gunnel, the other is a bucket.

Jigging we can expect anything. There’s hardly a fish that doesn’t pass up on an easy snack. We often see tuna, wahoo, barracuda, amberjack, queen snapper and various other reef species. Location and depth determine what we can expect as depths we fish range from 150ft to 900ft.

Trolling we mostly see wahoo, tuna, mahi (seasonal), billfish.  Livebaiting is the preferred technique to fish for sharks. Yes, Bonaire has a healthy population of Caribbean reefsharks ranging from 5 to 7ft.

Should you have a fish on the bucketlist you really want to go for, please let us know in advance.

Our boats are fast so typically we hit first spots in minutes after exiting the marina. We mostly fish the western side of the island as it provides shelter from the waves and makes for more comfortable conditions. It’s also where we can find bottom structure that holds fish. Given the bottom topography we stay fairly close to shore as waters are very deep around the island. We don’t have to go out far to see the sonar screen lit up.

It does not. However we do keep weather conditions into account. When conditions are very rough we stay a bit closer to shore and target spots that provide shelter.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us. We’re always happy to help!

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