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Fishing Adventures Bonaire offers various fishing experiences, like trolling for big oceanic species or jigging along the reefs and drop-offs. We are open to any request as well!

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Excellent experience – Highly recommend

I had a great experience with Peter and Fishing Adventures Bonaire. For starters, the boat and fishing gear are clean, and top notch. Peter…

Jordan P

Miami, USA

Great fishing trip with the family

Goof fishing trip with the family. Gear and boat are top. This time to the new spot the Flad's. Very good fishing overthere. We had…

Arthur H

Heerenveen, The Netherlands

Rex Hunt 2.0

Peter is a funny and very experienced guide! His boat and gear are top notch and his cooking skills are also worth mentioning. A "kromme…

Rob H

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Boat Fishing

Fishing Adventures Bonaire offers several fishing experiences. We arrange a trip where we mix up trolling for big oceanic species with jigging along the reefs and drop-offs. If we happen to encounter fish feeding at the surface, it’s time to start casting using a wide range of lures. This has proven to be a great cat & mouse game which makes the time fly by. Expect lots of action and a diverse way of fishing. We may encounter a whole range of fish species which inhabit these tropical waters. If you prefer to use one fishing technique over the other, let us know and we will make it happen.

Departure in the morning at 05:30 – 6:00
Departure in the afternoon at 14:00 – 16:00 / return 20:00 (sunset session)

Fishing the F.A.D.’s (Fish Aggregating Device)
This is where fishing gets serious as we purposefully go after the bigger tuna’s. Those are yellowfin, blackfin, big-eye and skipjack tuna.
Around the island we’ve placed several fads. These are buoys with structure hanging underneath that bring in small baitfish, which in turn attract large gamefish.
It is in these areas where jigging can be highly effective during the early hours and in low light conditions. After that, it’s time for the experienced anglers to start casting poppers and stickbaits and trigger some of the most violent topwater strikes imaginable. There’s no telling what will hit a well fished popper, it could be anything from a 10 pounder up to a fish that outweighs the angler. The boat’s open bow and stern make for a great casting position.
This trip offers the best and most spectacular fishing with a very high success rate and is absolutely recommended for an unforgettable experience or the more experienced angler.
Only top quality gear is used onboard like Jigging Master, Shimano rods & reels and Ripple Fisher and Yamaga Blanks for casting poppers and stickbaits.

Departure 04:00

On foot through the lagoons of Sorobon and Lac Bay

Bonaire has several lagoons and flats that allow us to fish for bonefish. The bottom is mix of hard sand and weedbeds. The waters are ankle- to kneedeep and with an open connection to the Caribbean Sea. The waters are crystal clear, making spotting a fish easier. We wade in the warm waters and fish by sight. The trick for an angler is to present a fly or lure in the path of an approaching bone.
Bonefish are known for their powerful runs and give any angler a hefty fight. The use of ultra-light spinning gear makes this experience and challenge even better. Other fish we encounter are permit, barracuda, several jack species, cubera snapper, ladyfish, tripletail and tarpon. .

Departure in the morning at 07:00
To guide you in the best way, we can take a maximum of 2 people only.

Why you should go on a trip with us

Catch exotic fish

Encounter a whole range of fish species which inhabit these tropical waters

A hefty challenge

These fish are known to put up a fight even for experienced sportfishermen

Years of experience

More than 15 years of extreme fishing experience on Caribbean waters

Personal Guide

Legendary Peter Tuinman will personally accompany and guide you

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