About us

Hi, I’m Peter and the founder and owner of Fishing Adventures Bonaire. I’m also a fishaholic so in my free time I go fishing.

Ever since I was a little kid I was most often found on the waters edge with a rod in hand. After 25 years of fishing for predatory fish in Europe, I made the switch to the tropics to chase after bigger and badder gamefish.

I always like to try new and different techniques to get hooked up, but my all time favorite has to be lure fishing. That can be done trolling, jigging or casting poppers and stickbaits for topwater strikes.
I believe any fish can put up a good fight, big or small as long as the appropriate tackle is being used.
So in 2013 I started taking people out fishing to let them experience the fun types of fishing Bonaire has to offer.
Of course it didn’t stop there. With the years I’ve gained a lot of experience and have made significant upgrades to the gear, the boat and techniques being employed to be more successful on the water.

Fishing Adventures Bonaire offers various fishing experiences. We can provide a standard trip where we mix up trolling for big oceanic species with jigging along the reefs and drop-offs.

However, we specialize in jigging and the boats are setup in such a manner that guests can fish themselves. This makes for a far more entertaining trip as you’ll be a participant rather than a spectator.

Should you have special requests, just let us know and maybe we can make it work.

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