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Fishing with Fishing Adventures BONAIRE.

In order to offer fishing activities on Bonaire, Peter, an extremely experienced and passionate sport fisherman, has founded Fishing Adventures Bonaire. Peter knows the waters on and around Bonaire like the back of his hand and would like to introduce you to the many fishing possibilities available here.
We offer different fishing trips.
The most spectacular is undoubtedly a night trip, to off-shore drifting tankers where we go fishing for tuna. These tankers drift between Bonaire and Curaçao.
Unfortunately this fantastic experience will mean losing a night’s sleep.

We can also take you fishing along the West coast of Bonaire during the day/morning. We have a chance of catching various species such as tuna, Wahoo, sailfish, Marlin and various kinds of reef fish such as Amber Jack.

We also offer fishing in the lagoons (flats). We wade in the warm waters and fish on sight, to try and catch a Bonefish, . This fish is known for its rock-hard runs and even gives a experienced sport fisherman a hefty fight.
The use of ultra-light spinning materials makes this experience and challenge even better. By-catches can be, barracuda, Cubera snapper, ladyfish, Tripletail, and Tarpon.


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