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Fishing along the beautiful coast of Bonaire.
For early starters, because we need to leave between 5:30 and 06:00 AM from Ocean Breeze resort.

While fishing we head either to the north or the south.
With the equipment on board we determine exactly our position in order to catch the most fish. There are many steep drop-offs under water.

During such tours we might see a group of birds diving down to the water surface. The birds are the indication that large predatory fish chases a school smaller fish upwards. On the spot we are going to get started with casting rods. An extreme and great cat and mouse game, where we might expect all kinds of fish.
For the late bloomers we do it from 13.00 one more time.


4 hours $550.


6 hours $750.


8 hours 900.


10 hours $1100.

Prices include 6% tax and all fishing gear + drinks.
Guests are given a portion of the catch for their own use.

In relation to your safety we do not want to take more than 6 people onboard.



Special requests can be fulfilled in consultation with the skipper.

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