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Night Fishing with Fishing Adventures BONAIRE.

The most spectacular activity on Bonaire is undoubtedly the night fishing tour to the oil tankers drifting offshore. In the dark, a lot of fish gathers in the light of the tankers and Tuna can be caught.
With a specially equipped vessel, the Fishfull Thinking, we sail in the evening to the offshore drifting tankers where we go to hunt in the deeper waters for tuna.
However, sometimes the fish is so high in the water column that we can also get started with all kinds of surface lures.
However, you need to be resistant for adrenaline because the fighting is more than hefty.

Since this fishing requires the utmost of the material, only Daiwa and Shimano are used for this purpose.

<h4style="color: #ccc66e:"=""> We depart 18:30 hours from Plaza Marina.

For a trip of at least 4 hours we need to calculate the following tariffs:
1 or 2 persons $550
3 Persons $600
4 Persons $650

For a 6 hour trip the following rates:
1 or 2 persons $750
3 Persons $800
4 Persons $850

Prices include 6% tax , all the necessary fishing gear and drinks.

On these tours we guarantee that there will be fish in the boat and if that is not the case, an alternative trip will be planned in consultation with you.

* Due to the increase of harbour fee and fuel costs we have to raise the various fee , starting July 15th.

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