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Our ship the SAILFISH 2660, has been equipped with 2 x 200 hp Suzuki Outboards. These engines are the quietest in this power range, proven to be reliable and propel the boat with up to 40 knots through the water.

FOR YOUR SAFETY; Bonaire has very stable weather patterns, but because we have to deal with wind and waves, the skipper will always, consider your safety first when deciding if the trip can go ahead.
As a sport fisherman, we wish to offer you an optimal experience and if the circumstances are not right, we try to find other options in consultation with you.
In addition, the following safety devices are on board: lifejacket per person, Fire extinguisher, VHF radio; EPIRB and flares.

The ship is made with a double hull and equipped with bilge pumps.

FOR THE NAVIGATION; Plotter with GPS, digital maps, magnetic compass, depth meter, fish finder, navigation lighting, auto pilot, VHF-Radio and AIS transponder.
An AIS transponder gives the laggards the opportunity to follow the boat.

FOR YOUR COMFORT; A sheltering T top, with at each corner point a big spotlight for the fishing at night, plenty of chilled drinks, a toilet and comfortable seating.

,You cannot find a better equipped ship on Bonaire.